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"I lived in the woods until I was slain by the relentless axe. Whilst I was alive I was silent, but in death I sing."

--Gaspar Duiffoprugcar, 1514-1570

(one of the first known violin makers, memorialized in the head carvings [left] of violins by Vuillaume and followers)

Featured Antique and Vintage Violins

1/2 Violin labeled Jacobus Stainer 
Saxony, c. 1890
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Unlabelled Lion's Head Violin
Germany, c. 1860

18th Century Unlabeled Violin

Violin labeled Joseph Kloz Senior
Germany, c. 1930

Meinradus Frank
Linz, Austria, 1816

Didier Nicolas
Mirecourt, France, c. 1850
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Antique and Vintage Violins

Old instruments are our passion. Every violin has its own story to tell, from the fabled histories of the craftsmen who made them to the remarkable journeys of the musicians, collectors, and restorers who have preserved them over the past four centuries. At LRVS we recognize our role as temporary caretakers for these tools of art whose useful life may well exceed our own. With that understanding, we make every effort to preserve the original and unique characteristics of the instruments we restore, all while sparing no time or expense to ensure their structural stability. In this manner, we are able to offer our clients sound investments and reliable instruments that will last a lifetime and beyond.

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