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Beginning Violas

Pietro Rocca Outfit

​Our foundation-level instrument is a perfect choice for beginners and those looking to upgrade their inexpensive starter instruments. Inspired by the Italian Masters, LRVS's exclusive line of hand-crafted instruments have a clear, powerful sound with a well-balanced tone and quick response. Expert in house adjustments to every Rocca instrument assures you get an instrument that sounds great and is free from hassle.

What's wrong with buying a beginner a bargain instrument from the internet?
The success or failure of new musical endeavors is often predetermined by the quality of a beginner's instrument. Poor quality setups make cheap, internet bargain instruments a bad buy, given their many hidden costs, not the least of which will be the enjoyment of making music. Our superior quality, professionally adjusted instruments give players the best shot at musical success.

Internet instruments often come without setup work, which is key to the success of any new player. The setup of a string instrument includes the carving of the bridge, fitting of the soundpost and pegs, shaping of the nut and fingerboard,  and the installation of the tailpiece and strings. Many internet retailers sell instruments straight from China without checking or correcting the crude factory setups that merit these instruments the industry title of VSO or Violin Shaped Object. On a weekly basis, LRVS redoes the setup work on bargain VSOs, and repair bills of $75-$200 often exceed the instruments original purchase price. These are significant hidden costs that you will not find when purchasing instruments from LRVS.

LRVS's professionally trained staff double-checks and corrects every instrument's setup before it leaves the shop, ensuring that your instrument feels and sounds its best. LRVS believes that beginning students are much more likely to continue playing if they have an instrument that helps, not hinders progress and allows them to sound their best.

  • Outfit includes instrument, brazilwood bow, shaped foam case, and rosin
  • Fully hand-carved with spruce top and flamed maple back
  • Ebony fingerboard, pegs, and chinrest
  • Composite tailpiece with built in fine tuners for ease of tuning
  • Set up with upgraded US made D’Addario Pro Arte strings
  • Antiqued golden brown varnish

Outfit List Price: $718.00