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From professionally adjusted student instruments to meticulously restored rare vintage finds, the Little Rock Violin Shop maintains a growing collection of fine instruments available for rental or purchase. We believe the best way to find the perfect instrument is to hear it and hold it in your hands, and so our instruments are available for trial, both in store and at home. Our pleasant, knowledgeable staff is ready help you through the process of selecting a new musical partner, so please contact us anytime to discuss your instrument needs.

If you're searching for your first instrument, you'll find useful information and quality, hassle free starter instruments on the Beginning instrument pages in the menu below. If you're looking to upgrade, we recommend you start by reading our guide Shopping for a Better String Instrument below.

Please feel free to browse our instrument collections below. At any given time, we may have more instruments in stock than listed online, so please call or visit the shop for the most up-to-date stock information.

​​​​​​Shopping for a Better String Instrument

  • Involve your teacher. 
  • Buy an instrument that allows room for growth.
  • Prepare contrasting pieces to test the instruments. You'll want to work technique (scales, etc.) on all four strings and play something dramatic, dynamic, etc. to test the instrument's expressive qualities.
  • Build your knowledge. Have an idea of what you're looking for by listening to and playing other musicians' instruments. 
  • Know your budget. LRVS stocks an array of instruments in various price ranges, so it helps to narrow down the instruments by having a starting point. 
  • Budget for a better bow, if needed. Usually when purchasing a new instrument or a step-up instrument, a step-up bow is also advised. 
  • Bring your current instrument into the shop when you come to try new instruments. It is a helpful point of reference when trying a new instrument.
  • Ask about the instrument's condition, especially when purchasing an antique. Our passion is repairing and restoring antique instruments and bows, so we'll be happy to share all of the information we have about the instrument's life. 
  • When you've narrowed down your choice of instruments, take an instrument out on approval. LRVS's approval policy allows customers to take an instrument for a week trial to play during lessons and in different venues. We recommend playing to instrument in a larger space, such as a church or hall. Accidental damage to approval instruments is covered by LRVS's insurance policy. A copy of a valid ID and credit card may be required before taking instruments on approval.