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​​Cost and Payment 
We strive to provide you with the best quality instruments at an affordable price. Below is a list of our monthly rental fees per instrument. In an effort to be green, we only offer paperless billing. Rental fees are assessed quarterly (every 3 months) and are automatically charged to the credit card on file.

Beginner Level
New - $25/month
Used - $20/month

14" and Below

New - $30/month

Used - $25/month


New - $50/month

Used - $40/month

Intermediate Level
New - $30/month
Used - $25/month
New - $35/month
Used - $30/month

Fully Carved

New - $60/month

Used - $50/month

NOTE: The above pricing reflects monthly rental costs. LRVS rentals, however, are billed quarterly (every 3 months), so a New Beginner Level violin ($25/month) costs $75/quarter.


​Our in-house insurance covers accidental damage and the replacement of broken strings, as well as loss do to fire or theft (with accompanying police report). Insurance does not cover theft resulting from or damage caused by leaving the instrument in an unattended vehicle. Never leave an instrument in the car. 

Rental Credit
​Renters accrue a discount toward the purchase of any instrument equal to monthly rental fees (excluding insurance and sales tax) paid on their rental agreement. Customers may utilize 100% of their rental credit for up to 80% of the purchase price of any outfit. 

Minimum rental is three months. We offer a prorated refund if you rent longer than three months and terminate the rental before the expiration date of the current rental period. In that event, the balance will be refunded if it is more than $10.


We rent violins, violas, and cellos. Every rental includes an instrument, bow, case, rosin, and insurance. We offer instruments in all sizes to accommodate players of all ages. Our varied stock generally includes multiple selections in each size, guaranteeing you'll find the instrument best suited to your musical tastes. 

Expert Se​tup
​To provide our customers the best musical experience possible, our expert repair staff reviews the setup of every instrument to ensure it works and sounds its best. We carve bridges, adjust soundposts, fit pegs, and shape fingerboards and nuts with exacting detail to meet the highest professional standards. LRVS uses quality fittings and American made strings on all rental instruments.

Rental Program 

Renting at LRVS is a simple, affordable way to begin playing a string instrument. Our rental program offers players of all ages the opportunity to learn on quality, professionally maintained instruments. 

For parents, renting is often the perfect option. Young players can change instrument sizes as many as six times before reaching full size. Our unlimited rental credit policy allows parents to provide their child with quality, hassle free instruments as they grow, all while accruing credit towards the purchase of an even better quality adult size instrument.

Renting is also a great option for new, adult string players. The success or failure of new musical endeavors is often predetermined by the quality of a beginner's instrument. Poor quality setups make cheap, internet bargain instruments a bad buy, given their many hidden costs, not the least of which will be the enjoyment of making music. Our superior quality, professionally adjusted rental instruments give players the best shot at success without a large upfront investment.

Also, every rental comes with our comprehensive in-house insurance, which covers all instrument and bow maintenance and protects against accidental damage. If there's a problem, we fix it. Period.  

Check out our Rental FAQ or read below for more info on our rental policies and rates. If you're ready to rent, great! Fill out our New Rental Request Form, give us a call, or come by the shop. We're ready to get you started in your new musical endeavor.