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New tip plates are meticulously crafted to preserve and protect bows' original head shapes. LRVS uses only legally sourced materials in all its bow and instrument restorations. 

An ill-fitting, failed neck graft is replaced. Original material removed during the previous neck graft is first replaced with similarly figured maple. A new neck is then fitted to the patched scroll. The assembly is shaped, and the new peg box is carved out.

LRVS luthiers employ a variety of clamping techniques when repairing cracks that are difficult to close and level.

A cello stick's original shape is restored using optical epoxy to fill an area with severe thumb wear.

Repair Estimates

​While we never charge for estimates on routine repairs such as new bridges or rehairs, ​complex restorations of antique and badly damaged instruments necessitate a significant time commitment to estimate. As a result, we charge a nominal estimate fee of $25.00. Should the customer elect to proceed with all or part of the estimated repairs, this $25.00 fee will be credited towards repair costs, making the estimate free. 

Included in repair estimates will be a complete list of all repairs necessary to bring the instrument into the best possible playing condition. After making a complete list of necessary repairs, we can work with customers who are on a budget to determine which repairs are absolutely necessary and which can be put off until later.​


From family heirlooms to players' prized antiques, LRVS professionals are confident in their abilities to restore your instruments and bows to the absolute best condition possible.  Nearly all the antique instruments and bows for sale in our shop are restored by LRVS's professionally trained staff. Below are examples of our work and craftsmanship.


An emphasis on quality work done at a reasonable price distinguishes the Little Rock Violin Shop’s repair practices. All repairs are executed with exacting detail by trained professionals, ensuring your instrument or bow will leave the shop in the best condition possible. Please visit our Staff page to learn about our luthiers. 

Below are photos of some routine instrument and bow repairs performed in our shop.